A Female health worker,including fruit seller shot as police engage in gun duel with armed robbers trailing bank customers in Umuahia, Abia State.


 Three individuals including a female health worker  and a natural product merchant were shot and injured when police connected with thought equipped looters in weapon duel in Umuahia, the Abia State capital on Thursday, July 14.

It was assembled that the equipped burglary posse had been prowling around banks situated on Bank Road, Umuahia hanging tight for clients with enormous piece of money to assault

The gangsters had followed a bank client who had made a withdrawal at the part of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) on Bank Road.

Following knowledge data, the police in the early long stretches of Thursday trapped the outfitted looters.

On locating the police, the equipped burglars were said to have started shooting, prompting a firearm duel. In the resulting weapon fight, around three people were shot and injured.

Among the harmed was a female wellbeing specialist distinguished as Apollos Theresa, who was hit by a wanderer projectile on her head.

An organic product merchant distinguished as Chimuanya Joy was shot on her stomach. The third, a cop, supported injury during the firearm duel and was hurried to emergency clinic where he is getting clinical consideration.

An inhabitant, Tochukwu, let Nation know that the said the burglars were being sought after by a police watch van from the Aba street pivot of the city yet took a diversion to Ibiam street after they met a gridlock around the famous FMC Junction.

It was additionally assembled the burglars, who rode in a Corolla SUV on getting to Factory street, slammed into a lady driving a Toyota Camry coming the other way.

The looters terminated severally up high and later got away with the Toyota Camry through Factory street into Afaraukwu people group.

The episode, which occurred where numerous business banks in Umuahia are arranged, constrained them and workplaces around the area to suddenly close for business.

Representative of the Abia State Police Command, Geoffrey Ogbonna, who affirmed the occurrence said it was anything but an instance of bank burglary.

"It was anything but an instance of a bank theft assault. What happened is that a portion of these outfitted looters who trail individuals coming from the banks - individuals who go to banks to make withdrawals. They will trail them since it happened as of late. They will trail their objective to where it will be favorable for them to strike and they will strike," he expressed.

"So that happened today. Our kin who were on the lookout in that space had the option to catch the pack and on locating the police, they drew in them in a shootout and they had the option to evade, forsaking their functional vehicle. The police recuperated one AK-47 rifle from them as well as a vehicle and one blade. A wanderer slug hit someone who sells something close by and, surprisingly, one of our partners (police) had a slight dash of their projectile," he added.

Female wellbeing specialist, natural product dealer fired as police participate in firearm duel with outfitted burglars following bank clients in Umuahia

Female wellbeing laborer, natural product dealer fired as police take part in firearm duel with outfitted burglars following bank clients in Umuahia

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